Church of the Nativity UCC, Buffalo New York

The theme of Vacation Bible School this year at Church of the Nativity United Church of Christ, in Buffalo, New York, was “Take Me to the Water:  God’s Love Flows.”  The children and staff held a water walk on the last day of Vacation Bible School.  Children were invited to get sponsors for their walk and, on the final day, they all carried various sizes and weights of water and walked a designated distance appropriate to their age.  The idea was for the children to experience, in a small way, the enormous effort required of the children in Africa who must carry water over large distances every day.

The children raised more than $550.00.  On the Sundays before and after Vacation Bible School, worshippers contributed another $250.00, bringing the total raised to $800.00.  Then, the entire amount was matched dollar for dollar by a bequest from a long-time church member, Grace Swanson, who had left money to the church to be used for combating hunger.  The church writes:  This project was fully in line with her wishes and we know she would be thrilled to have been a part of this mission.

The walk was planned to be held outdoors but, (in keeping with the water theme), it rained!  The enthusiasm of the children was not dampened, however.  It was a thoughtful learning experience for the children along with their teachers, staff, parents, and the entire congregation.  Church of the Nativity United Church of Christ is grateful to Global Ministries for providing an opportunity to connect with children in other parts of the world.

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