First Christian Church, Arlington, Texas

The Junior Youth Group at First Christian Church in Arlington, Texas, spurred on by their pastor, Reverend Andy Mangum, dreamed of raising money to support a worthy ministry and entrusted their Junior Youth Group with this task.  Calling it the Abraham Project, the Junior Youth Fellowship (grades 3-5) studied a variety of worthy ministries, while keeping focus on how God was leading them.  During their studies they traced common themes, one of which was the world’s need for safe, clean water.  After a period of reflection and silent prayer, they met together to vote on the project.  Reverend Wendy Deering-Poynter, Associate Minister, wrote:

One girl suggested a way to vote with privacy so we all laid face down on the floor and covered our eyes.  When a ministry was called out, if you wanted to vote for it, you raised one leg in the air.  When the voting was over, we raised our heads and expectantly called out, “Who won?”  The sponsor announced, “It was unanimous!  The $1,000 goes to the Shalom Center in Chile led by our missionary, Elena Huegel.  You all voted to give the money to the restroom and shower project that they are building.”

Global Ministries salutes the Junior Youth Fellowship of First Christian Church in Arlington, Texas, for their commitment to our brothers and sisters around the world.

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