Dr. Rev. Andrea Zaki Attends the New Suez Canal Opening Celebration

Dr. Rev. Andrea Zaki Attends the New Suez Canal Opening Celebration

Opening of the New Suez Canal is a First Step towards Development

The Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, President of the Protestant Churches of Egypt and the General Director of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services, attended the official opening ceremony of the New Suez Canal.  The celebration was held in the afternoon of the 6th of August 2015, with the attendance of President Abd El Fatah Al Sisi and a large number of world leaders and presidents, who came to Egypt especially to share the happy feelings of this grand achievement.  In addition, representatives of all sectors of Egyptian society attended the celebration.

Rev. Dr. Zaki announced to some media channels that this achievement was carried out on the Egyptian lands, through funding, planning, and implementation of Egyptians themselves.  Egyptians were supported by the armed forces who have fought a new battle, which is the battle of construction and development, which is not less important than the liberation battle.

This achievement was witnessed by the whole world, though the participation of presidents, kings, princes and participants from more than 120 countries, which represent nearly two-thirds of the countries of the world, in addition to representatives of all sectors of Egyptian society.  All came to Egypt to share the joy of the Egyptians with the dream that came true.  Dr. Zaki also stressed that the New Suez Canal represents a new hope related to the ability of the Egyptian citizen to achieve his and her goals and contribute practically and effectively in achieving the revolution’s objectives; thus presenting a new resource to enhance international navigation.

He added that opening the New Suez Canal is a first step towards more economic development through starting one of the biggest economic development areas on the side of the canal.  This will put Egypt on the map of the big industrial countries, and is capable of providing many job opportunities for the youth.  Furthermore, the New Suez Canal will bring in a lot of funds that will enhance the living conditions of Egypt and the Egyptians.