DSPR Update - April 2020

DSPR_MECC.jpgAs we approach Holy Week we are all reminded that staying at home is the safest way to celebrate our faith and to ensure that our traditions, communal prayerful rites and rituals would be sustained for years to come. Many of us at DSPR have been invigorated by the Services and Hymns on social media networks by our various faith communities. From the Pope’s exceptional prayer with his blessing for the City and the World to Hymns sung by the Greek Orthodox Mount of Lebanon Choir to the Middle East Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches statements  and prayers which offered hope and solidarity.

The Heads of Churches in Jerusalem and throughout the region have issued statements of support and solidarity with the faithful and the People of God particularly as we are approaching Holy Week. They have asked the faithful to stay at home and to carry on with the prayers and traditions of the Holy Week inside the family with the help of social media. We are thankful for the positive vibes coming out from our spiritual leaders and also from our esteemed partners who did not fail us during the last month with their statements, messages and personal enquiries after us and our beneficiaries.

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