Our focus is still on the “Comfort Women” issue in which women were used by the Japanese military in the 1930’s and 40’s. In the present day, prostitution near military bases and trafficking of women and children has become an issue. Pray for: The various agencies and organizations that are dealing with comfort women. Renewed faith that the Christian minority can be a prophetic voice in this increasingly secular society. Mission Personnel Luzares, Casilda English Literature Professor at Doshisha University JeffreyMensendiek Director, Gakusei (Student) Center, Sendai Martha Mensendiek Teacher of Social Welfare at Doshisha University Partners Doshisha University Japan North American Cooperative Mission Kobe College Korean Christian Church in Japan Miyagi Gakuin WomenΓÇÖs University National Christian Council of Japan Tohoku Gakuin University Tokyo Women’s Christian University United Church of Christ in Japan

Japan is located in Eastern Asia, island chain between the North Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, east of the Korean Peninsula.                

Population (2014 est) – 127,103,388

Area – 234,800mi

Capital – Tokyo

Ethnic Background

     Japanese – 98.5%

     Koreans – 0.5%

     Chinese – 0.4%

     Other – 0.6%

Exports – motor vehicles, semiconductors, iron and steel products, auto parts, plastic materials, power generating machinery

Imports – petroleum, liquid natural gas, clothing, semiconductors, coal, audio and visual apparatus

Life Expectancy (2014 est) – M 81 years     F 88 years

Infant Mortality (2014 est) – 2.13 deaths/1,000 live births

Adult Illiteracy Rate – 1%