EAP Resolutions

Disciples of Christ General Assembly Resolutions

2015, A Call for Peace, Justice and Reunification in the Korean Peninsula


United Church of Christ General Synod Resolutions

2015, A Call for Peace, Justice and Reunification in the Korean Peninsula

Other Synod Resolutions:

  1. Chinese People, Expressing Solidarity with the 89‑GS‑62 62‑63
  2. Expression of Solidarity with the People of Taiwan 95-GS-46 35-36
  3. Japanese Alien Fingerprinting Law, Ron Fujiyoshi & the 85‑GS‑58 56
  4. Justice Demands of Japanese Americans, Reaffirmation of Support for the 83‑GS‑83 89
  5. Korean Christian Church in Japan, Partnership Agreement with 95-GS-14 10
  6. Ecumenical: UCC & Presbyterian Church of Korea 83‑GS‑29* 35‑36
  7. UCC and Disciples of Christ, Ecumenical Partnership Between 85‑GS‑60* 58‑60
  8. UCC in Philippines & UCC, Partnership in Mission Between 87‑GS‑65 49‑51
  9. Philippines U.S. Extradition Treaty 83‑GS‑87 92‑93
  10. Philippines, Reaffirming Solidarity with Our Brothers and Sisters in the UCC in 89‑GS‑85 92
  11. U.S. Intervention in the Philippines 87‑GS‑73 57‑58
  12. U.S. Military & Economic Aid to the Philippines 85‑GS‑57 54‑55
  13. United States Obligation to Clean Up Hazardous Wastes & Toxic Contamination at Former Military Bases in the Philippines 95-GS-45 33-35


  1. Human Rights in Korea 87‑GS‑74 58‑59
  2. Human Rights, South Korea 83‑6‑EC‑10a 154‑155
  3. Human Rights in the People's Republic of China, Affirming & Supporting 95-GS-47 36-38
  4. Human Rights (Rumania, Philippines, South Korea) 77‑GS‑68 71‑74
  5. In Recognition of 100 Years of U.S. Colonialism in Six Island Nations 95-GS-65 52-53
  6. In Solidarity with Victims of Religious Persecution 99-GS-36 69
  7. United Nations, On the 50th Anniversary of the 95-GS-31 23-25


  1. Legacy of U.S. Atomic Testing in the Marshall Islands: U.S. Accountability 99-GS-39 74
  2. Micronesia, Right of Self‑Determination 83‑6‑EC‑9a 153
  3. Refugees, Expressing Concern for 79‑GS‑54 70‑71
  4. UCC Ministry & Witness with Micronesians (Pronouncement) 01-GS-37 36  &  UCC Ministry & Witness with Micronesians (Proposal for Action) 01-GS-37 42 ;  Even though there’s a PDF of this online it is kind of messed up on page 8, where the proposal for Action begins: https://uccfiles.com/synod/resolutions/A-PRONOUNCEMENT-ON-A-UNITED-CHURCH-OF-CHRIST-MINISTRY-AND-WITNESS-WITH-MICRONESIANS.pdf
  5. Asian &Pacific Islander Immigrants, Compassion for 85‑GS‑82 77
  6. Hawaii Home Lands 89‑GS‑86 92‑93
  7. Hawaiians, Self‑Governance of Native 91‑GS‑28 36‑37
  8. PAAM (Pacific Island & Asian American Ministries), Designating Sunday in the UCC 91‑GS‑27 35‑36
  9. Pacific & Asian American Ministries, Alternative Proposal on 75‑GS‑45 38
  10. Pacific Basin Initiative 85‑GS‑61 61
  11. Pacific Islanders & Asian Americans, UCC Ministry with (Pronouncement) 89‑GS‑83** 86‑90
  12. Pacific Islanders & Asian Americans, UCC Ministry with (Proposal for Action) 89‑GS‑84* 90‑92
  13. Pacific Islanders & Asians in America, Racially Motivated Violence Against 85‑GS‑62 61‑62
  14. Redress/Reparation to Japanese Americans 81‑GS‑71 79‑80
  15. Report of the Pacific Islander Asian American Ministries Implementation Team 97-GS-27 27
  16. To Continue Work on Repentance, Redress and Reconciliation for Wrongs Done to the Native Hawaiian People 95-GS-72 68-69
  17. Native Hawaiians, Implementation of Reconciliation with UCC & 95-GS-70 67-68
  18. UCC & Native Hawaiians, Implementation of Reconciliation with 95-GS-70 79