Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem March 2011 newsletter

Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem March 2011 newsletter

Greetings from Bishop Dawani

Dear Friends,

Throughout this month I have been attending meetings across the Diocese in my capacity as Chair of the many schools and institutions the Diocese supports.

Spending time with colleagues, both lay and clergy alike, brought home to me the importance of these relationships in providing support, fellowship, and encouragement as we continue to reach out to those in need in our communities. These times of fellowship also emphasized the remarkable work individuals throughout our communities are doing to help others whether they be patients, students or parishioners in our mission of hope and care to all those in need.

I give thanks for all those who work so hard in this Diocese to make a difference to those in need and thank you all for your continued support and faithful service in His name.

+ Suheil Dawani

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  • The Bishop meets the Mayor of Jerusalem’s staff

  • Bishop Suheil Chairs School Board Meetings in Jordan and the Galilee

  • Provincial Synod Executive Committee, Amman

  • Opening of the St Luke’s Hospital nurses’ residence

  • The Re-dedication of St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Jerusalem

  • Diocesan attendance at the Anglican – Lutheran Society AGM, London