Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem August 2012 newsletter

Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem August 2012 newsletter

Monthly newsletter from the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

Dear Friends,

August has been a busy month throughout the Diocese. Summer Camps have been held in Nazareth and Jordan with over 400 youth attending. We have also received visitors from around the world in Jerusalem, and also from Germany and England in Jordan.

For the 5th consecutive year we shared the ‘breaking of the fast’, Iftar, with our Muslim brothers at St. George’s Guest House. I also traveled to Jordan to attend their fast breaking meal of Ramadan, held by the king of Jordan, His Majesty King Abdullah Eben Al Hussien.

We celebrated a number of confirmations throughout the Diocese. This is always a special time, when we gather to embrace our children into the faith of Christ through the laying on of hands. It is a time when we all remember that through the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ, we find our strength, our comforter, and our peace.

As always I ask that you please continue to pray for the Diocese of Jerusalem and its work. We are making great strides in pastoral care and development and we continue to strengthen our fellowship with local churches and partners from all around the world.

I pray that as you head into the full activity of Autumn, that the Holy Spirit be with you, guide you and grant you the peace that is beyond understanding.


+ Suheil Dawani
Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem

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