Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem-Fall 2015 newsletter

Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem-Fall 2015 newsletter

Dear Friends,

It is amazing how fast this summer has passed. It is almost unbelievable!

Parishes across the Diocese have been very busy with summer programs starting with family retreats to special programs for young adults, vacation bible schools and camps for children, special scouts programs, and special programs for women; this of course on top of their ministry commitments.

I am impressed by the creativity and the hard work of our parish priests and volunteers. They were simply amazing.

This edition of the newsletter will focus on bringing news from these parishes of their different activities, which I hope you will enjoy!


Also, with the end of the summer break, our schools and educational facilities have reopened for the school year, many of which as early as the end of August 2015. Sadly however, two schools did not: Christ School in Nazareth and St John’s School in Haifa. The opening of these two schools was delayed until the 27th of September, due to a school strike of Christian schools in Israel.

I share the joy of our almost 7,000 children by sending you all greetings through this newsletter, thanking all of our partners and friends in their continued support of the educational process across our Diocesan programs and institutions.

Another significant issue which has struck and saddened us was the passing of the Very Reverend Samir Hanna Kafity, the twelfth Bishop of the Diocese of Jerusalem. Memorial services were held in Jerusalem, Amman and Beirut honoring his life and ministry.

We urge you to continue to pray for our ministry and people in the Middle East. With the situation in Syria and the region continue to force men, women and children escape from their homes into the unknown through the sea, we pray that peace prevails in our region

Salaam, Peace

+ Suheil Dawani, Bishop

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