ETSC Summer 2013 newsletter

ETSC Summer 2013 newsletter


The last two and half years, since the Revolution of January 2011, the Church in Egypt has grown in faith and experienced God in many new ways. In addition to the continuous experience of God’s protection to His church and people, the Church has experienced her Lord as the Lord of History, Lord of creation and Lord of all nations. He cares not only for the spiritual matters of the Church, but also for the cries and suffering of simple and ordinary people from every background.  He showed Himself to be beyond and above the limits of certain sectors, religions or groups since He is the founder and Lord of all creation. We experienced literally God’s goodness as the one who “causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous”. (Mat 5:45).  This well-known theoretical truth became a lively experience that is challenging the Egyptian Church to go beyond her needs, fears and problems and care for her nation and society in order to be like her Lord who is in heaven. This was just one of the lessons we are learning probably the hard way. Nevertheless, we enjoy seeing God re-modeling our thoughts and theology.

Please pray for our students who are doing their summer field ministry now in difficult situations that sometimes includes threats and many intimidations from Islamic groups, especially in small villages in the south. We ask your prayers for them, not only for protection, but also for bravery, wisdom and tender hearts that are willing to reflect the love, graciousness and care of our Heavenly Father.

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*The Rev. Dr. Gendy is the President of the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo.