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ehk.pngThe Evangelical Hospital-Khariar is a hospital located in the Nuapada District of Orissa, India. It is currently the leading non-government health institution in the State of Orissa and Eastern Chhattisgarh, and it provides the best medical care for each patient that enters the hospital, regardless of income.

The hospital has been serving the rural community in Orissa since 1930, when it was founded by Reverend Herman and Mrs. Marie Feierabend of the American Evangelical Mission of the Evangelical Synod of North America, a predecessor mission body of what today is Global Ministries.   Since the 1970s, the Church of North India oversees the operations of the hospital, and continues to keep a close relationship with the Evangelical Hospital-Khariar. The church conducts morning worship services, patient visitation and counseling, and it comforts the bereaved. Not only does the hospital cure patients and prevent disease, the hospital makes all attempts to impart the knowledge of God in order to benefit the wholeness of the person. 

ehk2.jpgEvangelical Hospital-Khariar annually serves over 27,000 patients through outpatient services, regularly occupies approximately 90 of its 110 bed capacity each night, and performs 1,800 surgeries. The hospital staff consists of 9 physicians, 72 nurses and medical support staff – including 20 nurse midwives, and 14 general staff members, including a full-time chaplain.  The hospital is working toward better serving their patients and improving the health of the community through obtaining a Chemiluminescense Analyzer, CT scanner, Radio Therapy Unity, a Blood Bank Cell Separator, and adding additional trainings for paramedics.

The Evangelical Hospital-Khariar is committed to adding these technologies and medical equipment for better diagnoses and treatments. However, the hospital building structure rapidly is becoming out-dated and difficult to maintain due to structural deterioration. Recently, the ceiling in one of the oldest hallways of the hospital collapsed. The renovation of this hallway and preventing future structural damage has taken first priority for the hospital’s capital investments for the time being. Global Ministries welcomes gifts to renovate necessary areas of the older hospital building, at the same time that the staff and leadership continue to improve the quality of patient care provided at Evangelical Hospital-Khariar. 

Update: October 2017


The Evangelical Hospital-Khariar is moving forward in obtaining new medical and safety equipment. In the last year, the hospital was able to purchase equipment for diagnostic tests and dialysis, as well as finalize the installation of a fire alarm system and a generator.

More than 50% of the local population in Orissa over the age of 50 faces complications from kidney failure. This year, the hospital was able to purchase a dialysis machine with water treatment capabilities. Dialysis is a process of removing impurities in blood, which is useful for treating kidney malfunction. The prevalence of kidney failure in this area is due to a genetic vulnerability to sickle cell disease and contaminated drinking water. The new dialysis machine at the hospital also treats water to provide purified drinking water for patients. Before Evangelical Hospital-Khariar acquired the dialysis machine, the nearest one was located over 100 miles away, leaving kidney failure patients with burdens of funding long-distance travel. So far, more than 30 dialysis procedures have been performed at Evangelical Hospital-Khariar.

The new diagnostic machine is a Chemo Luminescence Immunoassay (CLIA), which can perform advanced blood tests. Now, the hospital is able to detect medical problems involving thyroid levels, hormones, vitamin deficiency or vitamin imbalance, and folic acid. Abnormalities in these levels are often indicative of life-threatening conditions. Having the means to get a quick diagnosis allows patients to receive treatment faster before their condition worsens. To date over 1,000 blood tests have already been conducted with it.

In addition to improving the scope of medical assistance provided to patients, a new noiseless generator has replaced one which was over 50 years old and produced a lot of disruptive noise. Furthermore, the hospital has installed new smoke detectors and a fire alarm system, along with an emergency water pump designated for extinguishing fires. After a recent fire devastated a local hospital, a new law requires all hospitals to have fire safety equipment available and approved by the government. Hospital workers and patients are very pleased with the new system.

As the Evangelical Hosptial – Khariar evaluates their funding priorities for the upcoming years, they have identified several projects in addition to maintaining the highest level of care for their patients. These projects include obtaining computers for the digitization of patient records, the completion of installing sewage treatment equipment, and the construction of a new building to provide more space for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Each of the improvements identified by Evangelical Hospital-Khariar will directly benefit patients. Streamlined recordkeeping becomes even more vital as the numbers of patients increase. To improve the storage and retrieval of patient records, staff access to computers is necessary. Additionally, if printers are purchased, receipts can be issued in a more professional manner. Completing the installation of sewage treatment equipment would allow for an environmentally-friendly disposal of liquid waste

ehk20171.jpgWith the recent upsurge of Intensive Care cases, a new unit is necessary to accommodate the number of patients the hospital is receiving. Several patients need to receive care 24 hours a day, whether the patient needs oxygen support, a continuous infusion of medication, or to be treated in an area with powerful ventilation for the prevention of spreading contagious diseases. The equipment involved in each of these specialized cases of care requires considerable room. The current hospital building is over 60 years old and does not easily allow for installing new equipment along the walls or for making additions to floor space. Evangelical Hospital-Khariar is raising funds for the new Intensive Care Unit space. This endeavor will cost approximately $37,000 to complete and additional funds will be raised to furnish and run the unit.

Evangelical Hospital-Khariar aims to provide the best service possible to patients regardless of their economic background. The hospital staff sends their gratitude to Global Ministries for the prayers and donations that have enabled them to care for patients using modern medical technology and to successfully carry out advanced procedures in rural India. Global Ministries welcomes donations for the continuation of this project and extends thanks to all those who have participated in updating hospital services and supporting building maintenance.

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