Evangelical Reformed Church of Poland

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  • Undrajavarapu Yesuratnam
    commented 2020-09-27 07:25:30 -0400
    Christian Greetings to you from India in name of Lord Jesus Christ, Our Savior. I am evangelist and pastor,U.Yesurathnam is writing to you sir, and team in. I came to know about you and your mission by web search information and I like to know well about your mission and church and want to recieve your good service and help in support of gospel and Church Outreach ministries here in India so let me know sir, and team in and Thanking you again.
    I am Mr,U.Yesurathnam.
    evangelist,/ pastor.
    arun lankavaripet,
    at NTR,Colony.
    Narsapuram. West G,Dist.534275,Pin.S,India.