FDCD 2018 Annual Report now available

FDCD.jpgA message of thanks from the FDCD President, the Rev. Dr. Riad Jarjour

I am writing this message with a word of thanks and appreciation for all our partners and friends who have assisted in the Forum for Development, Culture, and Dialogue (FDCD)’s work and enabled us to fulfill our mandate in Lebanon and the wider region. FDCD has endeavored to carry out its programs and activities in the midst of a turbulent and fragile Middle East. Our staff has spared no effort in sowing the seeds of peace and justice and disseminating a culture of dialogue in our context. It goes without saying that FDCD has helped thousands of displaced people, alleviating their suffering through provision of aid in such a way that they can live in dignity. The same is true for programs which focus on peacebuilding and reconciliation, areas in which we have sought to gather people and build trust, promote forgiveness, establish respect, and foster equality throughout the region.

As you read about the activities discussed in this report, you will see the immense work we have undertaken, which we could not have done without you. Thank you for your constant support for FDCD and its vision. May you be blessed as you keep the way open to God’s justice in this region.

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