Film Festival on Justice, Peace and Harmony

Film Festival on Justice, Peace and Harmony

On the occasion of 13th Anniversary of the Kandhamal Day

Human beings have suppressed, oppressed, mutilated, humiliated and neglected their own fellow human beings due to many reasons throughout history. One of the reasons for such human rights violations in India is on the basis of identity.

August 25 has been a special day of commemoration for the marginalized religious minorities in India. Thirteen years ago, thousands of Adivasi (tribal / indigenous) Christians and Dalit Christians in Kandhamal, Odisha were violently attacked. Over 360 churches and worship places were attacked, 5600 houses were destroyed, over 100 people were killed, over 40 women were raped, molested or abused, thousands were displaced and the education of over 12,000 children was disrupted. The victims and survivors have not yet received justice.  

In this context, over seventy groups came together to raise the issues for justice for the rights of Kandhamal victims and survivors, under the banner of National Solidarity Forum. Many actions have taken place locally, nationally and internationally through this effort for more than 12 years.

A film festival is being organized during the 13th Anniversary of Kandhamal Day. It is endorsed by the National Council of Churches in India, which includes several Global Ministries partners. It is to remind us that no marginalized identity can fight this battle alone and that we all need to be together in this struggle for an inclusive society. The National Solidarity Forum is organizing a film festival for 48 hours from the 24th to 26th of August, 2021.  More information on the films and links to watch may be found here:

We request your participation and appeal to you to spread the word among your circle of friends and groups.