Former GM Board Member Provides Lent Study Resource through Chalice Press

Former GM Board Member Provides Lent Study Resource through Chalice Press

There’s still time to order copies of the Lenten devotional “Fellowship of Prayer” since Lent doesn’t begin until March 9th this year. The author of the 2011 Fellowship of Prayer is Holly McKissick, founding pastor of St. Andrew Christian Church in the Kansas City area and former Common Global Ministries Board member. She is a wonderful writer and excellent speaker. You can order copies for your church from 
or by calling 1-800-366-3383

With daily Bible readings, meditations, and prayers, Fellowship of Prayer is a classic devotional guide for Lent and Easter reflection.


That call runs throughout the scripture, from the midwives who resisted Pharaoh’s command to kill the baby boys, to Jesus who resisted the devil’s temptation.

Resist. It’s an active word. It takes practice, effort.

If our goal is to be different people come Easter Sunday than we are on Ash Wednesday, we must take time, step back, and evaluate our patterns. We must exert active effort, engage in intentional practice, and participate in a supportive community.

If you want to land somewhere different?

Pause…hold… RESIST.”

— excerpt from Fellowship of Prayer 2011

The Rev. Holly McKissick is the founding pastor of Saint Andrew Christian Church in Olathe, Kansas. She is a contributing religion writer for the Kansas City Star and a dynamic featured speaker. Beyond her ability to tell a powerful story, Holly is deeply insightful — adept at understanding and communicating the context of a situation.

Her words stick with you, connect with you, and move you to action.