Make a gift to where needed most

wnm.jpgMake a gift that can be used where it is most needed.
Whether through the sending and receiving of mission personnel, building global partnerships, providing educational events, or planning pilgrimages to visit the ministries of partners, Global Ministries relies on gifts like yours to make these opportunities possible. Unrestricted gifts allow Global Ministries to provide international expertise and an important pastoral presence, globally engaging the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ. Additionally, your gifts are a significant witness in walking with global partners through challenges and joys in all parts of the world.

Global Ministries also connects congregations more closely with international partners through the creation of new and engaging materials. With your support, new curricula have been created for children, youth and adult groups that lead to a fuller understanding of God's mission in the world and invites deeper participation. These materials are freely available on the newly redesigned Global Ministries website, which is intentionally partner-focused to connect you directly with the joys and concerns of international partners.

Make a gift for where is needed most

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