Gifts for the Congo

Gifts for the Congo

First Christian Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas

For four months, First Christian Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas held creative events to raise funds for microcredit projects and the girls’ education project in the Congo through Global Ministries.  Each of the events had a different theme, including a potluck dinner fundraiser, a wine and cheese party with a silent auction, a “Craft Fair for Congo”, and a celebration service.  Pat Moore, the coordinator of the Craft Fair for Congo, mentions, “So many in our congregation apologetically submitted items to the craft sale, adding that they really didn’t have any talent.  But the talent demonstrated was exciting to see, and gave me a greater appreciation for our congregation’s willingness to share their God-given gifts.” 


At the end of the four events, the church raised nearly $9,000 for the two projects of the Community of Disciples of Christ in Congo. 

The church believes the events were so successful, because of the excitement generated through social media.  FCC Member, Richy McCusker shares, “We utilized our social media feeds (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook) to heavily promote and create excitement in the lead up to events, as well as providing live content from the actual events.  We created our own hashtags for events, and encouraged members of the congregation to share their own pics.  These not only created a sense of excitement within our congregation, it also allowed us to let others know how we are being called to action through online presence.”