Henrietta United Church of Christ in Henrietta, New York

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The children of Henrietta United Church of Christ (Henrietta, New York) bring exuberance, questions, and insights into their church school.  Classes are grouped by age, Pre-K through Youth, and use activities, music, stories, projects, and discussions to help kids learn Bible stories and apply biblical truths to their lives, growing in faith and Christian character.  This spring the children raised $200.00, which they designated for “Bicycles for Kenya,” a gift that will provide one bicycle for a pastor serving in rural Kenya.  Each pastor or evangelist in Kenya might serve several preaching points or small churches but cannot afford the purchase and upkeep of a motor vehicle.  Urgent requests come for bicycles for pastors in Kenya in order for them to reach their churches more quickly than they do on foot.  Knowing the importance of their own bicycles in their own lives, the children identified with this project and were able to help a pastor in a faraway country.

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