Dr. Mae Yoho Ward Enabling Scholarship Fund

The Dr. Mae Yoho Ward Enabling Scholarship Fund was established in 2000 by Mae Yoho Ward’s son and daughter-in-law, Don Ward and Jennifer Eis. This Division of Overseas Ministries endowment fund is in honor and recognition of Dr. Mae Yoho Ward’s sixty years of service to the church:  first as the Director of Religious Education in West Virginia and Ohio; then as a mission co-worker with her husband to Argentina; and later, as Executive Secretary of the Department of Latin America and the Caribbean; Executive Chair of the Division of World Missions; and as Vice President and Acting President of the United Christian Missionary Society, a predecessor mission body, today Global Ministries.

The purpose of the Dr. Mae Yoho Ward Enabling Scholarship Fund is to provide Global Ministries with ongoing resources to support global church leaders for continuing education in order that they might serve more effectively in their current or future ministry, in areas such as pastoral, educational, administrative, or service ministries.  “Continuing education” for this purpose, is defined broadly as formal or informal education, experience, or travel that is needed by the recipient to better function within a structure requiring a greater degree of credentialing, in-service training/experience.

Contributions may be made to the principal of this Fund at any time. Gifts for the Dr. Mae Yoho Ward Enabling Scholarship Fund may be made online https://donate.globalministries.org/onlinegiving or by check written to Division of Overseas Ministries and directed to:

Global Ministries
P.O. Box 1986
Indianapolis, IN   46206-1986 

Please include designation “Mae Yoho Ward Fund” on the memo line or in an accompanying note if giving by check, or in the “Project/Partner” box if giving online.

Questions regarding the Dr. Mae Yoho Ward Enabling Scholarship Fund are welcome.  Please contact the Global Ministries Resource Development Office at 317-713-2555 or gifts@dom.disciples.org.

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