Dr. Robert A. Thomas Global Ministries Fund

In his ministry as DOM President 1973 – 1983, Dr. Thomas lived out his conviction that the church is one and that the Division of Overseas Ministries is a ministry of the whole church.  He provided a high caliber of theological reflection to DOM and as a member of the Cabinet of the General Minister and President.  He guided the legacy of UCMS through many changes, emphasizing its stewardship and new organizational structure.  He led DOM to the endorsement of its Principles and Policies by the General Assembly in 1981 and advanced the establishment of joint offices with the United Church of Christ, beginning with the Middle East office in 1980.  Under his leadership, the Joint Office for Human Rights was established with the Division of Overseas Ministries, the fraternal worker program formerly of DHM was brought into DOM, and he instituted the practice of inviting international guests as participants at the General Assembly.

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