Dr. Thomas J. Liggett Global Ministries Fund

Dr. Liggett served as President of UCMS in the period from October 1968 – 1973.  He was the first former missionary to serve as the President of UCMS and, as such, embodied a clear and overriding commitment to global mission.  His talents in organization and identification of colleagues to serve on the staff of UCMS, who later would go on to form part of the staff of the Division of Overseas Ministries, were vital contributions.  He guided UCMS toward the culmination of its extensive reorganization, toward the formation of DOM and the Division of Homeland Ministries.  He led UCMS to appointing missionaries to terms of service.  Dr. Liggett guided UCMS and Disciples in general in opposition to the war in Vietnam and the U.S. military incursion into the Dominican Republic.

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