Gourdet Education Fund

Gourdet Education Fund

The Gourdet Education Fund was established at the request of Sandra and Daniel Gourdet as a Division of Overseas Ministries endowment fund in 2008.  Daniel and Sandra Gourdet have given over 30 years of their lives serving Global Ministries overseas and in theUnited States. They served in the Democratic Republic of Congo,Zimbabwe,Swaziland, and Haiti as educators and mentors to thousands of young people and adults.  

As a Haitian growing up during the Duvalier regime, Daniel understood the value of an education and the doors of opportunity that could be opened.  Sandra grew up inBirmingham,Alabama, at the height of the civil rights era when quality education for African-Americans was a battle that she fought for ardently.  Coming from humble backgrounds themselves with mentors who encouraged them to strive for excellence, Daniel and Sandra dedicated their lives to educating their own children, Nicolas Patrice and Helene Danielle, as well as the countless others in and outside of the classrooms. Each student in their care became part of the extended Gourdet family.  

By establishing this fund, the Gourdets keep alive their philosophy that an investment in people and education brings a far greater return and has a greater impact on a nation than any mutual fund or money tucked away in a bank.  As quality education for marginalized youth becomes increasingly a justice issue and a luxury rather than a basic need, the Gourdets wish to preserve their life-long commitment to preparing leaders who can make a difference in the lives of others.  Thus, the general intent of the Fund is to provide educational opportunities for students inHaitiand on the African continent, with potential leadership qualities. 

Distributions from the Gourdet Education Fund provide scholarship support for a student selected by CONASPEH, the partner inHaiti, and for a student in Africa to be determined by Global Ministries in conjunction with the partners inAfrica.  

Contributions may be made to the principal of this Fund at any time. Gifts for the Gourdet Education Fund should be directed to:

Global Ministries
P.O. Box 1986
Indianapolis,IN  46206-1986

Questions regarding the Gourdet Education Fund are welcome.  Please contact the Global Ministries Resource Development Office at 317-713-2555 or gifts@dom.disciples.org.