Jean and Scott Libbey Fund

The Jean and Scott Libbey Fund was created by the UCC United Church Board of World Ministries (UCBWM - predecessor of Wider Church Ministries) in 1993 as a lasting legacy for the ministries of Mrs. Jean and Reverend Scott S. Libbey, who was then retiring as the UCBWM Executive Vice President.  The distributions from this Fund support world wide partnership development and related purposes. 

Contributions may be made to the principal of this Fund at any time. Gifts for the Jean and Scott Libbey Fund should be directed to:

Wider Church Ministries
700 Prospect Avenue, 7th Floor
Cleveland, OH  44115-1110

Questions regarding the Jean and Scott Libbey Fund are welcome.  Please contact the Global Ministries Resource Development Office at 317-713-2555 or




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