Recurring Gifts for the Work of Global Ministries

Did you know you can make a recurring gift to support Global Ministries or an international partner or project?

Many donors find that establishing a recurring electronic payment is a helpful way to make gifts to support Global Ministries. Your gift can be personalized to specify the amount, the frequency, whether you'd like your gift to be processed at the beginning or middle of the month, and whether you'd like to use a credit card or an electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your checking or savings. You may use our onling giving page to set up your gift or download one of the following forms and send it to the address specified on the form.

To establish a recurring gift using our online giving page, click here: and under "type of gift" select "recurring gift".

To establish a recurring electronic payment through Global Ministries/Division of Overseas Ministries in Indianapolis, click here [PDF]

To establish a recurring electronic payment through Global Ministries/Wider Church Ministries in Cleveland, click here [PDF]

Please contact the Global Ministries Office of Resource Development ( or 317-713-2555) with any questions or to have a form mailed to you.