Support Global Ministries by shopping on

Support Global Ministries by shopping on

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You can support Global Ministries through the shopping you already do on Amazon. You can help contribute to the work being done around the world just by starting your Amazon shopping through this link. Then shop as you normally would and Global Ministries will receive 4-7% of the final purchase at no cost to you. There is nothing to join, nothing to download, no toolbars that slow down your computer, and your purchases are anonymous.

To make it even easier, we suggest adding the page to your favorites once you click this link, so that you can make sure to use it every time you shop.

In 2013 this program generated $1,778.98 in additional support for Global Ministries programs and continues to grow in 2014.

Many congregations have promoted the Amazon Associate program on their websites and in their weekly newsletters (additional information), while others are using the program for purchasing Sunday School materials, novels for book clubs and study groups, and purchasing Bibles for newly baptized members. This allows congregations to integrate giving into their purchases without adding additional costs.

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Building your own links

Essentially the way the Amazon Associate link works is by directing shoppers to a unique page. The full HTML for the homepage link looks like this

Amazon homepage

The bolded section is the text that will appear on the page, and this can be edited without disrupting the program.

If you want to direct congregants to a specific product, it requires additional code. Many congregations use this feature for book clubs and adult study groups – Since many people are hoping to purchase these materials online anyway, a specially built link can simplify the process for your congregants. Unfortunately, these HTML links aren’t formatted in a consistent way, but Global Ministries staff are able to assist you with this process.

For more information about the Amazon Associates program please contact