Global Ministries Celebrates the Commissioning of Nine Mission Co-Workers

Global Ministries Celebrates the Commissioning of Nine Mission Co-Workers

At General Assembly in Indianapolis, Global Ministries was pleased to present nine mission co-workers to the assembly for commissioning.


  • Michael Joseph to serve with Justapaz in Colombia
  • Loren McGrail to serve with the YWCA in Palestine
  • John Campbell-Nelson to serve with Arthura Wacana Seminary in Indonesia
  • Karen Campbell-Nelson to serve with the Evangelical Church in West Timor
  • Nikotemo Sopepa to serve with the Pacific Council of Churches in Fiji
  • Jerri Handy to serve with Las Memorias Hospice in Mexico
  • Phyllis Byrd to Serve with the Organization of African Instituted Churches in Kenya
  • Debbie and Larry Colvin to serve with the Evangelical Protestant Church in Ghana
  • Chimiste Dorsicar to serve with CONASPEH in Haiti
  • Joani Adorno to serve as a Global Mission Intern

In the service, the mission co-workers pledged to endeavor to be faithful to their duties and to strive to work among the people with humility and patience, remembering that they are invited as colleagues eager to learn, as well as to serve. Those present also pledged as representatives of their congregations across the United States and Canada to support them in God’s mission. Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins then presided over the commissioning prayer.

We ask that you would continue holding up these mission co-workers, and those already serving, in your prayers.