Global Ministries Celebrates the Conclusion of the Middle East Initiative

Global Ministries Celebrates the Conclusion of the Middle East Initiative

Thank you to all of you who made the Middle East Initiative a success!

Picture1.jpgThrough the Middle East Initiative, individuals and congregations took part in something much bigger than themselves. Over 900 groups made use of the Children’s curriculum, over $340,000 was raised from almost 300 donors for programs and partners, nearly 3,700 individuals participated in webinars with partners and mission personnel, through the course of the Initiative over 17,000 advocacy messages were sent, and over 3,000 individuals and groups engaged with the 18 Bible studies written by Global Ministries partners.

Your participation gave meaning to the Middle East Initiative, and we have received numerous letters of appreciation from partners for your support of this timely effort.

“Miles and distances do not fragment the Body of Christ, neither do they lessen the responsibility of the Church to show love and care, and to promote awareness of the struggles in the world…Your initiative moved us in the Middle East and gave us a sense of relatedness to the Body of Christ. We praise God for your both UCC and Disciples for being partners with us in prayers and service.”  –Dr. Mary Mikhael, National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon, and former CGMB member

“It’s amazing to see how united in Christ we can be regardless of our diversity (diverse by gender, nationality, beliefs). And that’s a one of the best impacts we can hope for.” –Nafkot Mamuye, Evangelical Church in Morocco

Picture2.jpg“The Middle East Initiative is a very powerful tool to get American people involved directly in the crises happening. This initiative was not based on reports only taken from the Middle East partners; it was based on direct experiences from the members. I thank you all for your commitment to the main cause and wish you strength and peace to keep the good deeds.”  –Wafa Goussous, Orthodox Initiative, Jordan

“The YWCA focuses a lot on its advocacy work for justice, and Global Ministries have offered great opportunities for the YWCA to be heard by delegations, through webinars and other tools. This is at the heart of YWCA’s mission, and Global Ministries, the Initiative was instrumental in assisting the YWCA in achieving its mission.”  –Dr. Mira Rizeq, General Secretary, YWCA of Palestine, and CGMB member

While the Initiative has officially concluded, it was only a glimpse into the strong relationships in this region that continue to grow.  Stay in touch with what is happening during these challenging days by visiting the Middle East section of our website regularly. Additionally the Middle East Initiative resources will remain on the Global Ministries website for future use.

Global Ministries looks to build on the success of the Middle East Initiative and Congo Initiative, and will be launching the Caribbean Initiative at General Synod and General Assembly later this year.