Global Ministries leadership welcomes agreement on Iran nuclear enrichment

Global Ministries leadership welcomes agreement on Iran nuclear enrichment


Global Ministries’ Co-Executives, the Rev. Julia Brown Karimu and the Rev. Dr. James Moos welcomed the agreement reached between the United States, its five negotiating partners, and Iran on Iran’s nuclear enrichment.  In their statement, they called it an “important and positive step toward reducing tensions in western Asia” and reiterated their support for negotiations.   [The World Council of Churches General Secretary also issues a comment, available here.]

The full text of the Global Ministries statement is here (and as a pdf here):

The agreement this week between the US, its five partners, and Iran on the Iranian nuclear enrichment program is an important and positive step toward reducing tensions in western Asia, and one that we welcome wholeheartedly.  Efforts to promote peace through negotiations are always preferable than those through the threat, or use, of military action.  We give thanks for the serious and sustained efforts that all parties give to this process, and pray that a more permanent agreement can be reached during the window this deal has provided.

We have consistently supported negotiations with Iran as a way to overcome the specific issues related to Iran’s nuclear program, hoping that such a breakthrough might have a positive impact on the ability of the people of Iran to emerge from the impact of sanctions that have isolated their country.  We pray that this agreement will prove to be a step towards the re-integration of Iran into the community of nations.

While the agreement is a positive step, we are not naïve to expect that it will solve all of the outstanding issues.  There is still progress to be made, and the threat of tough sanctions remains, but through these diplomatic efforts, the US has demonstrated a desire to move beyond deadlock toward a better relationship.  We pray that this is a step toward a nuclear weapon-free Middle East in which all countries of the region renounce any intention of possessing such weapons, agree to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and agree to submit to the terms of monitoring it lays out.

This positive diplomatic outcome reinforces our conviction that, to make peace and address conflict, direct engagement is essential.  We pray, in light of this development, that leaders will fervently pursue with all their energies diplomatic efforts to bring the tragic war in Syria to an end, and to resolve the enduring Arab-Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  We offer our support and encouragement to officials of all parties involved in these efforts.

This Thanksgiving week, we give thanks to all those who work for peace, and to relieve the suffering of people everywhere.  We offer our prayers that such efforts are redoubled, and that justice and peace may prevail.  As we enter once again into Advent, the season of preparation to welcome Christ—the Prince of Peace—into our hearts, we seek to be his ambassadors for justice—that God’s will be done, here on earth.

Rev. Dr. James Moos and Rev. Julia Brown Karimu
Co-Executives, Global Ministries
November 27, 2013