Global Ministries partners share news on Chile earthquake

Earthquake-in-Chile.jpgDear Brothers and Sisters of Global Ministries:
Yesterday at around 8:00 PM Chile suffered a major earthquake, 8.4 degrees on the Richter scale.  The north, especially Illapel, Coquimbo, La Serena and the Fourth Region and are so far the most affected places.

Today's reports say at least 8 people have died. This may have been much higher if the government had not issued a tsunami warning and evacuated much of the coastline. At dawn the tsunami waves hit and destroyed and invaded important parts of the cities and places in the Fourth Region. In some areas the sea rose up to 500 meters inland. The effects of this earthquake were felt in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Brazil.
At this moment, we have no news of further damage affecting our brothers or sisters nearby. We will share updates as we are able. All of Global Ministries Partners and Missionaries in Chile are fine and willing to help in the aftermath of the earthquake.
We ask that you to share our pain and suffering in prayer for love and mercy toward every person who suffers or is effected.
Dr. Daniel Godoy, President
Theological Community of Chile
Global Ministries Partner

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