GMIT Protests Human Trafficking and Marketing of Illegal Human Organs

News closer to home: Yesterday there was a demonstration involving representatives of GMIT's Synod body, to protest human trafficking and the illegal marketing of human organs. Below is a translation of a recent post explaining yesterday's event.

On August 2, 2016, the Women's Network of Eastern Indonesia (JPIT), members of GMIT's Synod, and an alliance of students in NTT (the acronym for our province, East Southeast Nusantara) accompanied the parents and family members of Yufrinda Selan (deceased), a migrant worker who came from Tepas Village in South Central Timor. Yufrinda died in Malaysia and her body was returned to the family with organs missing from it. The group carried out a peaceful demonstration in front of the provincial police department, spoke with head of the NTT police who was represented by Head of the Criminal Division, then took a "long march" to the office of the NTT Governor where they were received by the assistant governor. It required a lot of lobbying to meet with officials, but they finally succeeded in having a dialog [not clear with whom]. They presented a letter that included the hopes of the family and a statement by civil society. Of course follow-up will be needed. The long march ended with a common meal held at GMIT's "Common Home". Hopefully God will grant ongoing strength and persistance to all parties handling the problem of human trafficking that ends with corpses missing their organs. #stopsellingNTTpeople; #stopbajualorangNTT

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