God’s Blessing Is for All

God’s Blessing Is for All

Rev. Judy Chan – Hong Kong

Rev. Judy Chan
Global Ministries’ missionary serving in Hong Kong.

READ: John 2:13-16

The startling image of Jesus cleansing the Temple demonstrates God’s righteous anger at those who take advantage of the poor. In Hong Kong, the ‘winner takes all’ philosophy is accepted by many people, even if it results in the losers facing unemployment, unreasonable working conditions, ridiculously low wages, and a bleak future for young people entering the job market.

Do we in the churches have anything to say about this huge gap between the rich and poor, or do we just pray that we can hold onto what we have?

O, Jesus, you promise us that in your Kingdom, all have equal access to God’s blessings.  Give us the courage to challenge the system wherever we are and to share our own wealth with those in need.  AMEN