Graduation in July

Graduation in July

The hard work has been completed and the day of new beginnings came June 29 when the Evangelical Presbyterian Theological Seminary held its graduation celebration on the Green Hills campus in Peki.

In addition to the seminary faculty and church leaders who took part in the service, some 200 family members, church friends, and people from the community came to celebrate. Also present were chiefs and elders from the Volta Region of eastern Ghana. The service included singing, dancing, selections from the seminary band, and four offerings.

The Rev. Dr. Lt. Col. Divine Agbeko (Rtd.) Acting Moderator delivered the commencement address based on Luke 7:11-17. He acknowledged the accomplishments of the students and the titles they now hold. The heart of the message, however, was to remind the graduates that ministry is not about them. He said they are charged with the one task of pointing to Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection.

Eight candidates received degrees in pastoral ministry. Recently each received his/her commission to serve a two-year probation ministry in congregations in Ghana, Togo, and Cote DÍvoire. Upon successful completion of their commission, they will be ordained in 2021.

Graduation_-_Ghana-_Larry_C_2.jpgTwenty-one candidates received their certificates and stoles for lay ministry. These catechists have been trained in the basics of ministry, including preaching, and will assist pastors.

The ever expanding Department of Church Musicians graduated nine candidates. The department trains individuals in both vocal and instrumental (including keyboard, brass and drums) music. Their training provides them the skills to lead and develop music programming in local congregations. In some smaller communities they may also assist the entire community music development.

No celebration is complete without food and refreshments. Lunch of traditional dishes was provided to all. Of course, the meal came with congratulations, photos, and more singing and dancing.


Larry and Debbie Colvin serves with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana. Her appointment is made possible by your gifts to Disciples Mission Fund, Our Church’s Wider Mission, OGHS, and your special gifts.