Human Trafficking and Africa

Human Trafficking and Africa


We the Faith Leaders meeting here in Nairobi under the hospice of All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) after two days consultation on the menace of Human Trafficking in Africa and the world at large and having been informed by the challenges of Human Trafficking hereby resolve and pass the communiqué as follows;

God created humanity in His own image and likeness. The mission of faith communities is to stand by the side of the vulnerable, marginalized and the voiceless in our society. 

Human trafficking is an immoral practice and modern day slavery that is dehumanizing, commodifying and stripping of persons God given human dignity. It is a process that involves people being recruited in the country of origin, abused and exploited in the transit and destination countries.

The main victims of human trafficking are women, children and youth. Although reliable global and national data are limited, it is believed that the number of victims of human trafficking has reached epidemic proportions. The international community – including religious leaders, family members, friends, etc. – seems to be ignorant, complacent or passive to act against this phenomenon. In comparison to the magnitude of the problem, the response that is given has not been adequate to tackle it.

Based on this realization, a Continental Consultation on Human Trafficking for Faith Community leaders in Africa was held in Nairobi, Kenya, on 1st and 2nd July 2015 with a key objective to build on momentum on the recent tragedies of migrants’ death at sea, in the deserts and forests the killings of migrants on the way to destination countries, and in preparation for the World Day Against Human Trafficking on 30th July.

As faith communities have existing grass root structures, systems and networks, our role in protecting vulnerable groups of people targeted by traffickers was emphasized, harnessed by the Consultation to make the following message to our communities and concerned bodies as a follow up of our Consultation.

  • Encourage all stakeholders to have open discussions on the issues of human trafficking at all levels of their communities
  • Call on religious and political leaders to take appropriate measures that are needed for the protection of vulnerable groups and human dignity.
  • Mobilize stakeholders to be united, collaborate and work together to eradicate and prevent the vice of human trafficking.
  • Integrate economic empowerment and human development trainings in our response to human trafficking.
  • Urge governments to protect vulnerable groups, tackle the problem of human trafficking from a regional, continental and global perspective through partnering with other countries whether source, transit or destination, as well as developing economic activities for the communities. 

As believers in God of life, we urge all our members and all our partners to support us in creating awareness and participating in activities that can prevent human trafficking, protect victims and become a source of hope to those who have been rescued by helping to re-integrate them in the communities and providing moral support.

Human trafficking is a crime against humanity and needs to be addressed accordingly.

Nairobi, Kenya

July 2nd, 2015