Indigenous Communities Defend Their Lands Against Mining

The Ecumenical Christian Council of Guatemala has sent the following press declaration:

Guatemala_Mining_2.jpg“The indigenous communities from the Maya Chortí ethnicity, based in Olopa Municipality, Department of Chiquimula, Guatemala, are resisting through peaceful ways against metal mining on their territory, after a mobilization caused by the beginning of extractive activities without consulting with the communities and without the required municipal permit. 

Yesterday, on August 1st, at 5:00 PM, after two hard and intense days, people from the communities returned to their houses and will stay there on peaceful resistance, while filing the necessary legal remedies for the cancellation of the license to exploit antimony granted by the Ministry of Energy and Mines.  In the meanwhile, churches, organizations and communities will continue accompanying the maya chortí communities as they have received threats, verbal aggressions and intimidation.”

The Ecumenical Christian Council of Guatemala is a place for Christian encounter, reflection, and action for those committed to working for peace, reconciliation, and ecumenism in Guatemala.  It is one of Global Ministries’ Partners on this country of Central America.   

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