Islam, Islamism and ISIS: Deepening our Conversations

Islam, Islamism and ISIS: Deepening our Conversations

A webinar sponsored by Shoulder to Shoulder

The Shouler to Shoulder Campaign, of which with Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ are members, is hosting a webinar on Friday, December 12 from 11:30 am -12 noon ET, entitled “Islam, Islamism, and ISIS: Deepening our Conversations.”

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Rhetoric around how Islam, Islamism, and ISIS are un/related to one another swirl in the media and in everyday conversations.  In order to take conversations about these topics beyond the surface level, it is critical to sort out these terms and the variety of movements and issues that are contained within.  This webinar will feature three speakers who will approach the topics from historical, religious, sociological and political angles, and will lead the participants in a discussion following brief presentations of their own.

Speakers include:  Dr. Andrea Stanton, Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Denver; Dr. Hussein Rashid, an American Muslim academic, activist and lecturer, and the Associate Editor of Religion Dispatches; and Dr. David Carlson, Professor of Religious Studies at Franklin College in Indiana.  The conversation will be moderated by Catherine Orsborn, Director of the Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign