JAI: Eye on Palestine–April 2014

JAI: Eye on Palestine–April 2014

YWCA and YMCA in Palestine Joint Advocacy Initiative–monthly newsletter

Knesset passed a bill that separates Arab Christians from Arab Muslims. Christians inside and outside Palestine have responded

WCC concern Over Israeli law on the status of Arab Christian Citizens  … this law is a matter of great concern to theinternational ecumenical community for two major reasons:

  • The law establishes, for the first time, a legislative distinction between the indigenous Palestinian Arab Christians and Palestinian Arab Muslims, both of whom are citizens of the State of Israel. This distinction is an unacceptable severing of entire communities from their cultural identity.
  • The Knesset has transgressed all proper distinctions between state and religious authority by attempting to define the nature and character of Christian communities within Israel against their own will and self-understanding. Such efforts are most often seen only in totalitarian regimes. This law defiles the sanctity of Christian identity, which is grounded in Christian faith.

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BDS Movement made some significant victories in the past few weeks which include our very own YMCA-YWCA of Norway who support a broad boycott of goods and services from Israel.

The YMCA –YWCA, Norway encourages broad economic boycott of goods and services from Israel and Israeli settlements to pressure the Israeli government to follow UN resolutions and end the illegal occupation of Palestine. “We believe that both Israel and Palestine have the right to self determination and security. We believe that there is a need for strong internet pressure to make Israel end the occupation of Palestinian territories. Economic boycott is a legal and nonviolent method that we encourage people to use to stop funding serious injustice.”  Read more…

Amnesty International’s new report calls for sanctions against Israel with regards to military aid or weapon sale

Amnesty International  has released a report urging “the USA, the European Union and the rest of the international community to suspend all transfers of munitions, weapons and other equipment to Israel.” Amnesty said in a 74-page report titled “Trigger- Happy: Israel’s use of excessive force in the West Bank” that it issued on February 27, 2014.  Read more…

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