Jewish, Christian and Muslim National Religious Leaders Unite for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

In a letter to President Trump, thirty-five Jewish, Christian and Muslim national religious leaders, including the General Ministers and Presidents of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ, agree that Israeli-Palestinian peace is possible. They believe, “based on the legitimate, long-standing aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians for national self-determination and security, a two-state solution still represents the most realistic way to meet essential interests of both peoples and to resolve the conflict.”

The religious leaders point to the fact that, “despite deep distrust on both sides, recent polls (of Israelis and Palestinians) show that the majority of peoples still yearn for two states.” The leaders believe, “pursing either side’s version of a one-state solution would likely lead to more years of violent conflict.”

The leaders are encouraged that, building on years of official and informal negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, “the basic parameters of a framework for a two-state solution are widely known.” And they say, “combined with a broader regional framework such as the Arab Peace Initiative, the incentives for all sides to make the historic decision for a two-state peace agreement are monumental.”

They believe, “achieving a just peace between Israel and the Palestinians would have substantial positive effects for both peoples, the region, the United States’ own interests, and our world.” The religious leaders are united in pledging their “support for US efforts to achieve this goal.”

Click here to read the full letter to President Trump.

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