Kairos Palestine: A Message of Solidarity for Racial Justice

Kairos Palestine: A Message of Solidarity for Racial Justice

kairospallogo.jpgBlack Lives Matter

A Declaration of Solidarity

Love is seeing the face of God in every human being.  Every person is my brother or my sister.  However, seeing the face of God in everyone does not mean accepting evil or aggression on their part.  Rather, this love seeks to correct the evil and stop the aggression.  (Kairos Palestine: a confession of faith and call to action from Palestinian Christians, 4.2.1)

Kairos Palestine expresses its unequivocal support for the Black Lives Matter movement and everyone working for racial justice in USA, the demands of which have resonated in communities around the world.

The movement has opened an opportune moment—a kairos moment—for citizens in the United States and people of faith and civil society around the world to name and address places of systemic racism, economic inequality, food deprivation, lack of access to health care, and state-sanctioned violence that strip human beings of their dignity, equal rights and far too often their lives.

We invite you to join us as together:

  • We listen and learn from our Black and Brown brothers and sisters;
  • We lament that Black Americans and people of color daily endure injustice and discrimination, police brutality, and systemic racism;
  • We confess and repent of our share in the brokenness that divides humankind;
  • We renew our commitment to work for the freedom and wholeness of all people;
  • We bind ourselves anew, like leaders in the Black Lives Matter movement, to a resistance grounded in the power and logic of love that seeks to liberate both the oppressors and the oppressed in our own context and around the globe.

We give thanks for the many expressions of Black-Palestinian solidarity over decades. The oppression of both our peoples is rooted in the sin of settler-colonialism and the disinvestment of resources in the well-being of our people and communities. So we embrace the Black Lives Matter movement as a moral one—its importance, its growing strength, its successes and its unmet demands. And we look forward to opportunities to join in the work of other diverse communities to realize the value, the humanity and the rights of all people to justice and peace.

Kairos Palestine
Board of Directors

Kairos Palestine, the most extensive Palestinian Christian ecumenical non- violent movement, is based on Kairos Palestine document: A Moment of Truth, launched in 2009, affirming that the Palestinian Christians are part and parcel of the Palestinian nation, calling for peace to end all suffering in the Holy Land by laboring for justice, hope and love, embraced by the Christian community, signed by all historically recognized Palestinian Christian organizations, and endorsed by the Heads of Churches in Jerusalem.