Kairos Palestine and the JAI: Support and solidarity with Palestinian Farmers

Support and show solidarity with the Palestinian Farmers in Area C
by supporting the Keep Hope Alive! Olive Tree Campaign (OTC)

The OTC is an educational, solidarity and advocacy tool with the Palestinian people in their struggle for freedom and just peace.In the upcoming 2019-2020 olive tree planting and harvesting season, the Joint Advocacy Initiative has made a goal to plant 25,000 olive trees in Area C where Palestinian farmers have limited access to their land, water, power, and building permits. Find out how you can sponsor a tree for a gift of $20 through the Keep Hope Alive! Olive Tree Campaign.

Another opportunity to support and show solidarity with Palestinians through the Keep Hope Alive! Olive Tree Campaign is to participate in a planting or harvesting season. 

Olive Tree Planting

JAI.pngMost of the trees will be given to the selected eligible farmers to plant. This is usually done with the community and agricultural committee support as needed.  With the full support of Global Kairos for Justice movements, the Alternative Tourism Group (ATG), and the Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI) of the Palestinian YWCA and YMCA will organize a couple of Olive tree planting programs:

These planting programs will include planting activities, geopolitical tours, meeting with civil society groups and activist and cultural activities. These programs are open for anyone who likes to join.  Interested people can register online at the links above.

The Olive Picking (Harvest)

Starts annually in October 15 which is a national holiday, when farmers and the entire Palestinian people join in the harvest activities. The Picking season lasts for some one month around this time of the year.

Also based on the decisions made in December Workshop JAI jointly with the ATG plans to organize two Olive Picking Program in the following dated:

The Olive Picking Programs will also include in addition to the Olive Picking activities. geopolitical tours, meeting with civil society groups and activist and cultural activities. These programs are also open for anyone who likes to join. Interested people and can register online through the links above.

kairospallogo.jpgGlobal Kairos groups are requested to support this Campaign as discussed and approved in the December 2018 workshop and start the promotion activities for the Olive trees sponsorships and the participation in the Olive Tree Planting and olive picking programs.   

The JAI and ATG expect to have hundreds of participants joining the Olive Tree planting and the Olive picking programs. This will be a concrete expression of solidarity and a learning experience, and serves the Come and See strategy.

(Interested members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ are kindly requested to contact Global Ministries' People-to-People Pilgrimage office to learn more about ways to participate in these opportunities through Global Ministries.)