Kairos Palestine Advent Resource

Kairos Palestine Advent Resource

Dear Brothers and Sisters, colleagues and partners of Kairos for Global Justice,

It is at such hard times as the ones we are living in Palestine/Israel that we need to have the assurance that we are not alone.

Many of you have expressed genuine support through prayers, Facebook messages, letters and sharing of footages of actual or alleged stabbings and the inhuman reaction of the “moral army” of Israel and settlers. On behalf of Kairos Palestine and myself, I would like to thank you for all the advocacy efforts that many of you have been engaged in through marches and demonstrations or BDS activities, in order to alleviate our pain and suffering.

Kairos for Global Justice brought together all those engaged into achieving justice for Palestine/Israel and in your own regions, but all our joint efforts have still not yielded the impact needed. Patriarch Emeritus Michel Sabbah has renewed his call for one effective way to confront the increasing violence: organized SILENT large marches all over the world with the participation of prominent leaders, peace activists, and people of all faiths as a joint effort to regain and preserve humanity. This is a real challenge in Palestine/Israel where all non-violent actions are rewarded with live bullets in violation of all international laws.

Can we as co-workers of Kairos for Global Justice think of that possible option and join forces?

Amidst the depressing situation, kindly find the Christmas Alert 2015 in PDF form (below), even if belated. When the Kairos leadership chose the theme Hope for this year, little did we know that we would be surrounded with a dark cloud of despair. However, Christmas will always remain a symbol of hope and peace.

We hope you listen to the resilient women of Palestine and hear the wise advice of the male sages included as we approach Advent, and you prepare yourselves to commemorate the birth of the Savior, each in our own ways. As in past years, the final product is the result of team work Kairos Palestine. The Alert has already been translated into German and we are sure that other languages will follow suit.

Please share as in past years, how the Christmas Alert related to you, circulated and shared in your own parishes.

From the land that refuses to lose hope,

Nora Carmi
Project Coordinator, Kairos Palestine