King’s Matriculation School Scholarship Report

King’s Matriculation School Scholarship Report

Year 2008


King’s Matriculation School serves the students of Global Ministries Child Sponsorship site at Family Village Farm (FVF).  In the past Global Ministries has helped support capital improvements at the Family Village Farm and at the School.  Several years ago, Global Ministries established the Family Village Farm Endowment Fund to provide ongoing resources for the FVF and King’s Matriculation School complex.  The elementary school also serves 300 non-resident children from nearby small villages. 

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All of the FVF children attend King’s Matriculation School, including the many children at FVF who are sponsored through the Global Ministries Child Sponsorship Program.  Many of the other students at King’s Matriculation School also receive scholarship support in order to attend.  Teachers and staff carry out thorough case histories of the children as does the scholarship committee. The children who receive scholarship funds exhibit both a deep financial need and, in general, are above average in academics. 

The following are a few case histories of King’s Matriculation School scholarship recipients.   

Jeevitha is a fourth grader.  Her mother was deserted by her father.  Her mother requested that the school provide an English education to her daughter.  As a daily wage earner, her mother is living on a very marginal income and could only afford to pay partial fees.  Therefore, a scholarship was a great help to this candidate. 

Muthusamy is a third grader.  His parents hail from a village where they were forced to marry in their late teens.  Muthusamy’s father abandoned his mother when she was pregnant.  Fortunately, his mother came in search of an education for her child.  The young mother works as a house maid in a doctor’s residence.  A scholarship was available for Muthusamy with the help of Global Ministries. 

Sasikala is a ninth grade student.  Her parents were permanently disabled by leprosy.  She lost her brother six years ago when he drowned in a pond.  Her elder sister Esther is studying in a convent where she is helped by Salesian sisters.  Their parents yearn to provide an English education to their children to enable them to attain a good position in the society.

In year 2008 more than 70 children like these received scholarship support in order to attend King’s Matriculation School, with the help of Global Ministries.  Additional gifts to the Global Ministries Family Village Farm Endowment Fund helps students like these to get an education that might otherwise be unavailable.  Contributions may be made to the principal of this Fund at any time.  Gifts for the Family Village Farm Endowment Fund should be directed to Wider Church Ministries, 700 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115.   Questions regarding the Family Village Farm Endowment Fund may be directed to the Global Ministries Office of Resource Development, or (317) 713-2555.