Korean Ferry Disaster

Korean Ferry Disaster

In this Holy Week, The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK) is expressing its deepest sorrow for the unspeakable loss and grief families are suffering.


Leaders from the UCC and Disciples offer a pastoral letter and prayer to our Korean partners following the ferry disaster. Complete letter is posted here:
Pastoral Letter to Korean partners following ferry disaster


From Global Ministries partner, The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK)

Our call for joint prayer for the Korean ferry disaster

In this Holy Week, The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK) is expressing its deepest sorrow for the unspeakable loss and grief families are suffering.

In the morning of the 16th of April, a Korean ferry carrying 459 passengers sank off the coastline of Jin Island of South Jeolla provnce in South Korea. So far, as of the 18th of April, 26 have been reported dead and 270 are missing. Among the 459 passengers there were 325 high school students on a field trip. The rescue operations are ongoing, however, numerous missing people are still missing, adding to the grief and pain of the families. We in particular pray for the members of our church who are among the victims that they may be among those found as soon as possible.

Right after the report of the disaster, The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea issued an emergency response team to support the rescue operations, and called on all congregations and their members to pray that the disaster may be controlled and no further damage done.

Being mindful of the words of Jesus Christ that one life is more precious than the whole world, we pray that all passengers may be found. We call our brothers and sisters in faith to join in our prayers for quick rescue and the comforting healing touch of God our Lord.

Rev. Dr. Bae Tae-Jin
General Secretary
The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea


Dear Colleagues and Friends in Christ,

This is Daniel Lee from Korea. As you heard from news, all Korean people are now grieving for the sudden disaster and suffering from trauma. The National Council of Churches in Korea has declared a special prayer period from April 21 to May 5 for the parents and the families of the victims in the passenger ferry capsized in the waters last Wednesday. 320 out of total 475 passengers on board were high school students who were going to Jeju Island for their field trip. Only 174 passengers including 77 students were rescued. The rescue and search process is still going on. People here are all shocked and felling frustrated by this sudden disaster.

So I’d like to ask all of you and your churches to join us in this special prayer period for the people of south Korea, particularly the parents and families of the victims.  

Peace and Grace in Christ,

Rev. Dr. Daniel C. Lee
Global Ministries missionary
Hanshin University
Seoul, Republic of Korea



On April 16, a ferry carrying over 450 people, many of them students, capsized and sank off the coast of South Korea.  At least 64 people have died and another 238 are still missing.

Since 1993, the United Church of Christ Pacific Northwest Conference has had a partnership with the Presbyterian Church of the Republic of Korea (PROK).  In recent years, the Disciples of Christ Northwest Region has joined into this relationship. Through this partnership, Edward Evans, member of Suquamish United Church of Christ, Suquamish, Washington, served as a short term volunteer in 2012 with the Presbyterian Church of Korea.  After this tragedy occurred, he sent a message of prayers and condolences to pastors with which he worked.  Rev. Seo Dong-Yonh, associate pastor of Dong Kwan Church in the East Seoul Presbytery of the (PROK), responded with the following message:

Dear Rev. Evans.

Thank you. Please pray that there is comfort of God in South Korea. Rather than of Easter joy, sadness is likely to be full of Easter. I would think again that the resurrection of Jesus Christ starts from sufferings. 

Pastor. Seo Dong-Yong 

Please continue to pray for the all of those affected by this tragedy and for our partners in South Korea as they seek to minister to those who are grieving.