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Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries was established in 1985 with the specific purpose of providing assistance to refugees (primarily coming from Central America) seeking asylum in the United States. The mission of Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries is to teach the love of Jesus Christ by building a renewed sense of wholeness and dignity and by standing with those who are broken, especially among refugees and those who are disenfranchised and displaced.  The Good News of salvation is lived out by addressing spiritual and material needs, including emergency shelter and food, clothing, transportation, legal aid, advocacy and job referral through a cooperative effort with other agencies and religious organizations.

The work of mission groups coming to South Texas to help the poorest of the poor has not slowed because of the safety concerns in Mexico.  Dedicated groups of volunteers of all ages and from all parts of the country continue to provide life-changing aid to those in need on the U.S. side of the border as part of a program called The Jericho Road.  With supervision these often unskilled construction teams will remodel and repair homes and communities in the Los Fresnos and San Benito area, giving a new lease on life to deserving families.

“Despite our previous 'understanding' of the violence at the border, we were stunned by the selfless giving at the risk of themselves and their families. To say that ongoing needs exist in our extended community is a huge understatement.”




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