Caribbean Conference of Churches

Caribbean Conference of Churches

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The Caribbean Conference of Churches (CCC) is the recognized Regional Ecumenical Organization (REO) in the Caribbean and one of the major development agencies at work in the Caribbean today. The CCC currently is comprised of 34 member churches in 33 territories across the region.  In striving to be faithful to its mandate – “Promoting Ecumenism and Social Change in Obedience to Jesus Christ and in Solidarity with the Poor” – the CCC has been serving the peoples of the Caribbean for more than three decades.  The CCC operates in all four linguistic constituencies of the region.  The CCC is the forerunner of all the major non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the region and there still is no other regional development organization today which has such a wide geographical spread and reach.  In recent times, the organization has been repositioning itself in order to ensure relevance and to maximize impact in the contemporary Caribbean context.  The CCC continues to partner with local, regional, and international development agencies and partner churches, including Global Ministries.

The contemporary Caribbean scenario is one in which the region is grappling with endemic poverty; the second highest incidence of HIV/AIDS infection in the world; the scourge of narcotic trafficking and addiction; the phenomenon of ‘up-rootedness’ as persons – for various reasons – are internally displaced or move from one territory to the other in search of work and a better life; plus an upsurge in criminal activity.   The CCC has a sound history of working within communities to help resolve and give clear focus to the many socio-economic issues affecting the Caribbean constituency.

The CCC has done work on many issues affecting the Caribbean peoples within the region.   A lot of information now exists with documentary video and print media. The organization would like to update and rearrange its website to include and make available to the virtual world its informative publications and videos.  As the CCC celebrates its 40th anniversary in November 2013, the organization would like to update and improve its communication strategy with the launch of a new updated website which would encourage new partnerships and relationships.  This updated website will be a new, user friendly website or communication technological platform.

In order to reach this goal, funds are needed for a researcher/coordinator and the production of the website and its related costs.  The budget for this effort totals $10,000, of which the CCC can provide $700.  Global Ministries hopes to provide the remaining $9,300 toward this effort in honor of the 40th anniversary year of the CCC.