Leah in Thailand!

Leah in Thailand!

Thailand_-_Dewey_Spr_2017_pic1.jpgI’m having a great time learning and teaching these elementary students in Thailand! They are learning a lot and I am learning a lot about Thai culture. It’s been an amazing experience here. Christmas and holidays were such fun!

Thai people are very welcoming and considerate. I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity. Sports day has also been a big joy. Watching the kids have such fun and just enjoy the community is something I wish we had in the states.

Each day I teach grades one through six on different levels of English. We go through vocabulary words and play games that involve learning. We also watch some English videos and the kids are learning a lot. I have so much fun in every class and each Thailand_-_Dewey_Spr_2017_pic2.jpggrade offer a very unique dynamic.

I have also made some great friends with my coworkers here at Sajja Pittaya. The people I work with are so funny, kind and welcoming! They took me out for coffee, got me presents on the holidays, helped me with my Thai and showed me around the area so I would know how to shop and buy things here in Bangkok. I have also been able to meet people from over 10 different countries. I’ve made so many new friends and had very awesome experiences here in Thailand.       

I’ve been attending the International Church of Bangkok since I arrived and starting the month of February I’ll be helping out doing Thailand_-_Dewey_Spr_2017_pic3.jpgmusic in the evening worship. I’ve very excited to be involved.

The semester is coming to an end and all teachers are working on finals and preparations for the children. I am as well and also working on some lesson plans for the summer session that I’ll be helping to teach for the school. It should be a great time!

Kap Khun Ka! (Thank you!)

Leah Dewey serves as a Long-term volunteer with the Church of Christ in Thailand as an English teacher. Her appointment is made possible by your gifts to Disciples Mission Fund, Our Church’s Wider Mission, and your special gifts.