Let Your Prayers Become Action – Raise Your Voice for Peace

Let Your Prayers Become Action – Raise Your Voice for Peace

Now is the time to raise your voice for peace in the Middle East. You can help break through the diplomatic impasse and create momentum for peace with justice and security for everyone in the Holy Land. 

Will you add your voice to this movement for peace today?

There is a growing movement among people like you who recognize that everyday Palestinians and Israelis continue to suffer because of the failures of leadership. As people of faith and action we must show our support for true leadership and call for a more responsible and proactive U.S. role in restarting peace talks. 

Rev. Sharon Watkins, Rev. Geoffrey Black, and 43 other diverse Christian leaders from throughout the United States recently sent a letter to President Obama. These faith leaders told the president that, “Visible additional steps by you and your Administration are needed now more than ever to keep the parties focused on making concrete progress. We are deeply concerned that without further U.S. initiatives, together with the international community, the current impasse will continue and further violence could make an acceptable agreement harder to achieve.” (Read the full letter here.)

By demonstrating that there is a wellspring of hope and support in the United States for real U.S. leadership for peace in the Middle East, we give support to the many Israelis and Palestinians striving for peace every day.

Please endorse the letter to the president today and add your voice to the movement for peace.

It is vital that the president knows that individual Christians, local congregations, and organizations share with these 44 leaders a passionate commitment to peace in the Holy Land. Add your voice to the movement for a more responsible and proactive U.S. role in seeking peace in the Holy Land. Let our government know that a just and lasting peace in the Middle East is important to you as an American and a Christian. 

Your action matters. Like the persistent widow (Luke 18:1-8) referred to in the letter, Jesus calls us to keep praying and working for peace. 

Click here to endorse this important letter, and expand peace in our world.