Letter from Egypt to partners and friends

Letter from Egypt to partners and friends

Written by the Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, President
The Protestant Churches of Egypt
and The Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services


Dear partners and friends,


Our world today is going through a serious health crisis the Coronavirus (COVID-19)which threatens the health and lives of thousands of people, but we trust in God’s ability to save the whole world and we pray that this crisis will end soon.


For the first time in Egypt , all churches and mosques have suspended all their spiritual activities until the end of this month.  This decision was taken to protect the lives of citizens and to help minimize the spread of this dangerous virus.

CEOSS_logo.jpgMoreover , for the safety of all our staff all precautionary measures have been taken and the majority of CEOSS employees are working from home for the next two weeks till further updates.

Our government ramped up measures to curb public gatherings and to restrict movement , distance learning technology has been applied for all students at schools and universities , and the central bank of Egypt pushes E-payment platforms to limit virus spread.

Praying for you all and your precious families , our countries, and let us unite in praying to God to extend his healing hand to all the injured, to extend protection to all, and to keep the whole world in safety, security and health.