Lidia and Marcela

CEDOCOL (Women's Network)

Lidia is a woman with a strong Christian identity, caring for her daughter, Marcela, a little girl who was given to her when the girl was four years old. The child is now nine years old.  Marcela's family was displaced when the child was seven, forced by an armed group to leave their farm. They arrived to a medium-sized city in their region and made their home in a small community on the periphery of the city. They sought work on farms near their home. Shortly after their arrival the husband was assassinated. Investigations have not identified the murderer, but it is believed that armed individuals were the culprits because many killings that occur in Colombia are committed by these armed, lawless groups who remain unpunished.

After the death of her husband, Marcela's birth mother appeared and requested the return of her daughter. The Women's Network accompanied Lidia during this time. Through prayer and support, the Network counseled Lidia as to where she should go for help and what she could do to protect herself. After much suffering and conflict, the biological mother opted to grant custody of the child to Lidia's sister.  Lidia and the child, Marcela, currently attend a local church. 

Lidia, a woman who is used to working in the fields and who is willing to work to support herself and the child, cannot find a job. Recently she became part of a group led by the Women's Network to which Global Ministries provided the funding for a micro business.  The Women's Network continues to pray for and accompany these women who hold close the hope of one day returning to their farms, their lands, and to the work and community life they have always known.