Living Water Music

Living Water Music

Tod & Ana Gobledale – Australia

This music was used during the Churches of Christ Theological College faculty retreat in February 2006.

Tod & Ana Gobledale – Australia

This music was used during the Churches of Christ Theological College faculty retreat in February 2006.

Living Water Music

For you, deep stillness of the silent inland; for you, deep blue of the desert skies;
For you, flame red of the rocks and stones;
For you, sweet water from hidden springs,
From the edges seek the heartlands,
And when you’re burnt by the journey,
May the cool winds of the hovering Spirit soothe and replenish you,
In the name of Christ, In the name of Christ. Robin Mann

Deeper River

There’s a river running deep within the silence of our souls,
Where the quenching healing waters carve their art
At its source a spring of living water surging and sustained,
It’s the voice of Jesus waiting for the listening of our hearts.

Chorus : When the living waters flow in us
When the living waters flow again,
They will carry us, they will wash us down.
They will quench our thirst again.

Sometimes the river of our life
Winds wandering away,
Sometimes the rapids tumble restlessly,
Comes the time to stop and find
the deeper river running strong
To drink refreshing waters,
And hear the spirit’s song.
Hear the call to thirsty people,
there’s no need to thirst again,

To the weary come beside still waters lie
Full of goodness full of mercy our cup will overflow When the call of that deep river is a voice we’ve come to know.

Digby Hannah.

The River is flowing

The river is flowing, flowing and growing,
Down to the sea…
Mother carry me, your child I will always be.

Water cycle Round

Water’s always moving
round and round and round.
Clouds grow heavy, thunder rumbles
Down to earth the raindrops tumble
Water trickles deep into the ground.
Trees pump water, through their trunks
up to their leaves and out into the air.
Now again the lightning’s flashing
Lovely rain is falling,
splashing running into rivers to the sea.
Sun shines hot and water vapour
Rises from the sea and turns to cloud.

Sea of Love

Now, we are leaving the bay,
Oh, we are setting the sails.
In the heart of the storm, in the heart of the calm,
It’s the heart of life and we fear no harm.
We’re called to sail the sea.

Choosing to be in the same boat,
Sailing on the sea of love.
God below, and God between,
God the horizon and compass within,
God the adventure and oceans unseen,
God the wind above.

Yet we can still lose our way;
Love – unpredictable seas.
Will you sail with me?
Will you help me steer?
When the waves are huge,
I will need you near.
A sailing team we’ll be.

So, we’re exploring the dee;
God, in the guidance we seek,
In the ups and downs,
In the day to day
In our reaching out,
In the times we pray.
What oceans we will see!

Ross Langmead.

The Gobledales serve the Common Global Ministries Board at Churches of Christ Theological College (Seminary) in Australia. They are accompanied by their 16-year old son, Mandla, who attends Rowville Secondary College, the local high school. Their 19-year old daughter, Thandiwe, continues her university studies at Pomona College, in Claremont, California.