Lord, I am in your hands

Lord, I am in your hands

Dear LORD Almighty GOD, YOU ARE everything to me,…
     I seek you, O Lord, and you answer me;
YOU came to free me from all my sadness and tears.
     I believe that when I call upon YOU, and YOU hear me;

YOU are saving me from all my problems right now.
     I believe that your angel is guarding me and my family from the fear we feel right now.
     I feel and I can see that YOU are GOD who is so good to me.
YOU bless my life when I take refuge in YOU I believe in YOU that YOU ARE MY LORD
     and YOU have power over my life so that I lack nothing;
Because the Lord’s ears are on me, and the Lord’s eyes are watching my tears
     I believe that every righteous person who cries out for help, GOD YOU hear them;
YOU release them from all their problems because of COVID-19.
Because YOU ARE O LORD! Close to the broken hearts and save those who are crushed by COVID-19.
     And I believe only YOU, GOD! YOU ARE the one who redeemed my life and my family from COVID-19.
YOU protect me and help me O LORD because YOU have described me in the palms of your hands.


This is my daily writing to try to reflect on in prayer that there is great hope for people who seek God. Because the Church cannot do anything and the State cannot do anything to stop human death, to stop the spread of COVID-19. I saw and felt how this COVID-19 spread situation affected everyone in each nation with their various traditions and cultures. And I feel and see how people express the pressures of suffering they feel. Fighting to lives for people with COVID-19. People who are at the frontline to helping those infected with COVID-19; people who lost family members, lost jobs, lost property, lose everything.

Money, power, and science cannot answer the tragedy of death and the COVID-19 process works in the human body. I feel and see that the world cannot do anything. I feel and see that life becomes empty, empty and hopeless when humans flee from God.

In the end, I saw and felt that all humans, whoever they were must go back to God and ask God for help so that their lives would be blessed.

I hope this prayer will help and strengthen everyone who is currently broken-hearted, disappointed, sad, afraid of having the hope that they are special because God painted them in the palms of His hands.

By Rev. Juliana Temparaja
General Secretary of The Protestante Church In Timor Leste
Dili, May 30, 2020